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You be YOU.

You be YOU: Bring your Passion to work

Use the ABCs to bring your passion to work

Passion belongs at work. Why? Making a positive impact on this world requires a vision fueled by passion.

Passion starts with your head. As we work towards accomplishing our dreams and making an impact, we'll feel the spectrum of human emotions. We can feel blissfully engaged when our journey unfolds according to plan and anxious when things don't go our way. Not going to lie, loving ourselves and loving to make a difference is difficult because of all these feelings. It's a lot to process, especially in light of all the anxiety, stress, and fear in today's world.

That's why I created the ABCs to help me survive the hustle journey. They got me from a retail sales job to an HR leadership position and help me daily while pursuing my business and social impact dreams. Long story short, it's all about learning to honestly Acknowledge your feelings in each moment, understand what's happening on a Biological level, and practice Compassion towards yourself and others.

Let's dive into each one

A = Acknowledge - Acknowledge your emotions and feelings, and be specific. The 8 basic emotions are fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, surprise, trust, and anticipation. Feelings are what we feel as our brain makes cognitive appraisals of our situation. It's normal to feel multiple feelings and emotions at the same time.

B = Biology (not rogue psychology) - Stress restricts blood flow to your logic brain. When you're feeling anxious, stressed, or fearful, remind yourself it's just biology and that you're not thinking at full capacity. Resist the urge to overly analyze.

C = Compassion (in action) - Demonstrate compassion towards yourself and others. Assume positive intent. Withhold judgement. Remember anxiety, stress, and fear bring narratives of victim, villain, and helpless. Resist these stories! Let your light and passion shine!

What do you do to keep your passion alive for making the world a better place? We'd love to hear your tips!

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