I am the Culture Contessa

My name is Kari Kelly. I'm the Chief Culture Contessa of a local nonprofit and an CEO of Atypical Workplace LLC. My background is in art, physics research, and HR Learning and Organizational Development.

As I transitioned into the workforce after physics graduate school, I quickly realized the lack of learning and development solutions for people like me who think different.

Research has shown that people in STEM and design careers often have minds wired for naturally spotting nuanced patterns, uncovering novel relationships, and thinking outside of the box. Autistic attributes have been linked to talent in STEM, while Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) attributes have been linked to talent in art and design. I have both.

I was hoping to find organizational development solutions that leveraged experiential and context-driven learning for a more behavior-based approach, but I couldn't find anything. So I decided to make some.

Creating Learning and Organizational Development solutions designed for creative and innovative talent is my passion. I create process improvement solutions that weave together Lean Six-Sigma, Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), Design Thinking, and Agile Project Management in a way that leads to cultural innovation and soft-skills training designed to support today's innovative workforce.


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