We help leaders cultivate resilient teams and cultures that can weather any storm. 

If your organization is experiencing any of these bottlenecks to growth, let’s talk:

- Absence of trust

- Fear of conflict

- Lack of commitment

- Avoidance of accountability

- Inattention to results

- High tension and low morale

- Project don’t finish on time

- Passive-aggressive behavior

- High rates of employee turnover


"We had two individuals on performance improvement plans who were completely disengaged with learned helplessness. Using the tools that Kari provided, both individuals are thriving and have risen above the challenges that were holding them back."

- Director at Alkermes, BioPharma

"I highly recommend Kari and her group coaching for existing businesses or small start-ups. The content of the course helped us learn about each other and ourselves which has positively impacted our group dynamics and productivity."

- Founding Member, Vectre AR

"Kari has an incredible ability to spot patterns of behavior that can make or break an organization. Her knowledge, skills, and experience helped us to breakthrough a communication challenge that our organization faced for over 5-years. Trust and productivity has drastically improved. I highly recommend Kari and her powerful set of tools."

- Executive Director, RLI



Our collaborative process is simple. We guide you through...

1. Discovery - Uncover people, culture and business realities

2. Dreaming - Envision how an adaptive, bold, and courageous future looks for your business

3. Designing - Identify actions that will support your vision and transform your business through proven agile approaches

4. Delivering/Innovating - Continuously deliver and innovate ways of creating your desired future while building resilient teams


- Culture Transformation

- People Development
- Interpersonal Soft Skills

- Emotional Intelligence
- Team Development

- Cultivating High Performing Teams
- Agile Approaches for team process and practices 


- Understanding Agile - Unlock the potential of Agile in your organization
- Engaging tech talent - How to bring out the best in your tech talent 
- The New Normal - Neurodiversity in today's workplace
- Management 3.0 - Leadership tools for today's complex and nonlinear world
- 5-Habits of a cohesive team - How to build the trust and skills required for driving team results
- DiSC Assessments & Training - Gain insights into your team's personalities and preferences


- Agile HR in today’s workplace
- Behavior that drives results
- Develop your people while driving results
- Neurodiversity in today’s workplace and why it matters 
- The Art & Science of Innovation     

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